Summer is ending – enjoy the last few weeks without sensitive teeth!

Do you get a zinger in your teeth every time you try to enjoy ice cream or a cold glass of lemonade? Don’t let sensitive teeth ruin your summer diet! Here are the recommendations we make to our patients with sensitive teeth: 

  1. Sensodyne toothpaste and before you ask, no, we don’t get any money for recommending this. Sensodyne is just one of our personal favorites. Dr. Lara Seidman brushes with it every day! Sensodyne has additional minerals that you don’t find in most regular toothpastes. These minerals attach to the outside of your dentin, almost like a protective little jacket for your tooth! This takes a few weeks of brushing day and night, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the effects right away.
  2. Fluoride Varnish – if Sensodyne or a different type of sensitive toothpaste just isn’t cutting it, we usually recommend applying a varnish. This is something we do for our patients in the office when trying to treat sensitivity. It just takes a few moments, is pain-free, and has the added benefit of extra fluoride to protect against cavities. If sensodyne works like a jacket, this is a parka.
  3. Gingival Graft – you may have gingival recession, which can be caused by a variety of factors. This is when the gum tissue that covers the root of your tooth shrinks and shortens, leaving your root surface exposed. Sometimes this sensitivity is too much for sensodyne or varnish to handle. The ideal treatment would be to see a gum specialist (aka periodontist) to replace what you have lost – giving you the healthiest outcome.
  4. Bonding Procedure – sometimes people don’t want a gingival graft due to expense, medical conditions, etc. It’s less ideal, but another solution is to add filling material over the root to cover the area of recession. This works great and looks natural when you’re done, but it is prone to staining and requires replacement every several years.

If you experience sensitive teeth, don’t worry – it’s very common! Let us know at your next cleaning, or schedule a consultation with us sooner, so we can help you avoid future zingers!

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