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Whitening is one of the quickest ways to improve your smile!
It’s pain-free, noninvasive, and works on almost everyone!

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Fountainhead Dentistry provides Zoom teeth whitening in Hagerstown, MD and surrounding areas for patients looking to brighten their smiles. Zoom is one of our most popular choices for teeth whitening. It’s the only whitening method that gets immediate results – you will leave our office with your teeth looking whiter and brighter on the same day! Zoom whitening treatment also includes custom whitening trays for future touch-ups.

Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

The benefits of Zoom teeth whitening are endless! Zoom is a quick, efficient, and safe method of teeth whitening. It can provide you with a long-lasting smile upgrade in just one day. Other methods of cosmetic dental treatment involve removal of tooth structure and/or the addition of porcelain ceramic to your teeth. The benefit of Zoom whitening is that it is completely noninvasive, with no long term side effects.

Our Zoom Teeth Whitening Process

We start with a complimentary dental evaluation for all of our patients. If you are a new dental patient and interested in teeth whitening, we will first start with a new patient exam to ensure that you do not have any cavities or other oral health issues. Then, as part of your complimentary evaluation, you will meet with Dr. Allan Seidman or Dr. Lara Locker and Abby, our teeth whitening consultant. Together, we will determine an optimal whitening plan to achieve your best results!

Here are the steps to our custom Zoom whitening procedure:

  1. Once you decide to do Zoom teeth whitening, your initial evaluation will also involve impressions or a custom scan. These will be used to fabricate custom-fitting trays for your teeth. These custom fitting trays can be used later for whitening touch-ups.
  2. Next, we will schedule you for your Zoom teeth whitening treatment with Abby, our whitening consultant.
  3. The day of treatment Abby will apply a series of professional strength whitening gel, which is accelerated by special blue LED technology.
  4. By the end of the appointment you will notice a significant difference in your smile!
Zoom Whitening Process in Hagerstown MD

Here’s an example of a Zoom teeth whitening procedure where we whitened only the top teeth to start. Check out the major difference!

Zoom Whitening Before and After Hagerstown MD

Zoom Whitening is clinically proven to whiten
up to 8 shades in only 45 minutes!*

We will provide you with take-home whitening to use in your custom trays after your Zoom teeth whitening procedure. This can be applied as a touch-up treatment in the months after Zoom. The results of Zoom teeth whitening last for different amounts of time depending on each person. The more “stain-creating” habits you have, the less time it will last. We recommend avoiding dark colored foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, red wine, and darker sodas that can cause teeth staining.

Alternatives to Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom whitening is the most efficient method of teeth whitening. However, there are several alternative options. See the image below to learn more about the different options we offer for whitening. Generally speaking, the higher the intensity of whitening, the faster it works, and the more you’ll need professional assistance. Opalescence Go is one of our simplest types of teeth whitening. It does not require a consult, and the series of whitening trays form to fit your mouth. The only downside to Opalescence Go is that it uses a lower concentration of teeth whitening gel. In order to get to your whitest smile, we recommend custom whitening trays or Zoom teeth whitening. The main difference between the two is that Zoom whitening provides immediate results – your smile will look noticeably whiter the same day! Custom teeth whitening trays can get your smile just as white, but it usually takes about 3 weeks of use.

Which Teeth Whitening Treatment is Right for Me?


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Zoom teeth whitening will work for me?

Teeth can be discolored from two main types of stain – intrinsic stains or extrinsic stains.

Extrinsic stain is the most common type of stain. It is caused by things like smoking, food, and drink – including tea, coffee, and wine. The dark pigments in these substances can settle into the outer enamel layer of the tooth, causing a yellow discoloration on the teeth. Extrinsic stains can be treated by any of our simple whitening procedures, including Zoom teeth whitening, custom tray whitening, or Opalescence! These types of whitening use peroxides, which work by forming free radicals that can specifically target the stains, and break up the pigments, causing them to appear less dark. This process does not harm or remove any tooth structure.

Intrinsic stains are less common and are typically caused by conditions at a young age, such as severe illness, large doses of certain medications (like tetracycline), or an over-consumption of fluoride. Sometimes a history of trauma to your teeth (such as a fall, or car accident) may damage the nerve and cause discoloration as well. Intrinsic tooth stain is the more permanent type of stain, and requires more invasive treatment by a dentist. Often the treatment includes intensive bleaching procedures, or masking discoloration with veneers, crowns, or bonding.

What about “natural” teeth whitening methods?

There are a variety of other whitening methods on the market that have not been proven to be safe or effective. You may see advertisements for charcoal toothpaste, or other “natural” remedies like turmeric, oil pulling, or even rubbing strawberries on your teeth! The important thing to know is that there is no clinical evidence to suggest any efficacy of these teeth whitening treatments. If searching for an over-the-counter option in the store, we always suggest looking for a product that contains a peroxide. This is a safe and effective way to whiten. We highly recommend avoiding any charcoal products. Charcoal toothpaste and other charcoal dental products can create irreversible damage to your tooth structure, as well as stain your gum tissues or cause systemic health issues. If you have additional questions about these methods, contact us for a dental consult appointment.

What are the side effects of Zoom teeth whitening?

You may be wondering if there are any downsides to Zoom whitening. As a whole, Zoom teeth whitening is incredibly safe and noninvasive. However, a very common side effect of whitening is tooth sensitivity. This is true for all types of teeth whitening. That is why a consultation with one of our doctors is so important. If you are prone to sensitivity, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to minimize any discomfort. Furthermore, if you develop any sensitivity from whitening, rest assured that it is only temporary, with no long term repercussions. We think the benefits of Zoom teeth whitening far outweigh any downsides!

Where do I start with teeth whitening?

If you know you’d like to whiten your teeth, but you don’t know where to begin, give us a call or request an appointment through our website! We will set up a consultation at our office in Hagerstown, MD to go over your different teeth whitening options in depth. There are a lot of different factors to consider – we will help you figure out a teeth whitening procedure that will fit best with your goals and your budget!

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* Up to 8 VITA shades with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. Penchas, Data on file 2011. 45 minutes excluding prep-time.