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Philosophy & Approach to Preventative Dentistry

Good dental health can be best achieved through early detection and preventive treatments. To maintain it, you need to establish a relationship with your team that will last throughout life! Dr. Allan Seidman, Dr. Melanie Newman, and Dr. Lara Locker at Fountainhead Dentistry are dedicated to getting to know every patient beyond their teeth and gums so they can create a plan just for them!
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Thanks to advances in technology which makes our general dentistry procedures more comfortable than ever before combined with personal attention from one caring doctor who knows how important healthy teeth are – we make sure visits here come as close to being stress-free as possible without sacrificing quality care or excellent results!! All this can be achieved when we work together!

Teeth Cleaning & Exams

At Fountainhead Dentistry in Hagerstown, MD you will be greeted by a courteous team of dental professionals who are excited to answer your questions and help make sure that your visit is as comfortable as possible. We’re excited to show you your new, clean teeth! We make sure the experience is as relaxing and comfortable for our patients while we gently polish away plaque from even the most hidden parts of your mouth.

Composite Fillings

When you’re struggling with tooth decay, our team has the perfect solution. We offer state-of-the-art composite fillings for your needs to provide a beautiful smile and healthy teeth! The best of both worlds: efficiency and comfort. Our filling procedures are designed to leave as much healthy tooth structure intact and use natural-looking composite fillings so you can get back on your feet fast! We’ll be sure to teach you some tips on how to maintain good health and prevent cavities in the future. We understand that this can get overwhelming, but don’t worry! A few small changes a day will make all of the difference in your oral hygiene routine.

Gum Disease Treatments

Nearly half of adults suffer from gum disease, and thanks to modern techniques at Fountainhead Dentistry we can now treat this condition more effectively. It may not be as obvious to you, but there are signs of gum disease that can’t always be detected by looking in the mirror. Inflamed and bleeding gums might give it away on occasion, sure enough; but a trained eye or digital x-rays will show telltale early warning symptoms before things get too serious! Many people with gum disease don’t even know they have it because many risk factors for this problem go undetected – until now. Our team is here to help bring your awareness level up so we can catch problems like these sooner rather than later!
Zoom Whitening Process in Hagerstown MD

Our Preventative Dentistry Services Help You

  • Take care of your teeth and gums

  • Reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease & infection

  • Identity issues before they turn into costly problems

  • Treat decay & disease, restoring function and beauty

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Serving Washington County and surrounding areas for over 40 years, the friendly staff at our dental office is here to provide a positive experience. They will help you schedule convenient appointments, process insurance claims, and create financial arrangements so we can make it possible for your treatments with payments that are aligned with what fits in your budget.

With a team of licensed and registered dental assistants, orthodontic assistants, hygienists who provide expert cleaning services to help you achieve the best smile possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Teeth Cleanings and X-rays?

Professional cleanings and oral exams twice a year are essential for keeping your mouth healthy. During these visits, our team will remove any plaque or bacteria buildup on the teeth as well as polish them to make sure they’re free of stains. The dentist will also thoroughly examine every part of your mouth checking for signs of infection, oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay to catch potential problems early so you don’t have bigger issues down the road!

What is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments strengthen your teeth for years to come. Fluoride is the key ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash, just make sure you’re using it! This painless treatment takes only a few minutes and ensures that enamel stays strong enough between visits with our dentist.

What is Periodontal Care?

Periodontal care is treatment required to stop gum disease from advancing. Symptoms can include bleeding when brushing, swelling or discoloration of your gums, and persistent bad breath. If you notice these signs it’s time for a checkup with our dentists!

Why is Preventative Care important?

Preventative care is the best way to keep your mouth healthy and prevent common oral issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Avoiding dental issues altogether will save you time, money, and discomfort from fillings or root canal therapy by eliminating them! For these reasons, it’s important to get regular visits with our dentists at Fountainhead Dentistry for six-month cleanings & exams!

What common issues can Preventive Care help me avoid?

The most common dental issues in America are tooth decay (cavities) and gum disease. Nearly all American adults have had a cavity, which is one of the most chronic health problems during childhood when left untreated. The best way to prevent these? Schedule your next visit at Fountainhead Dentistry today!

Do I need a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are often the best way to treat cavities. During treatment, your dentist will either use composite dental resin that is matched perfectly with your teeth and can be shaped just like a natural tooth so you don’t have any noticeable difference between them. Old metal amalgam (silver fillings) can discolor your teeth and leave behind gray patches, whereas when it’s done right, composite filling material should look completely uniform and blend into the rest of your smile seamlessly!

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are made out of porcelain and/or metal and cover your visible tooth structure, including the gum line. Dental crowns will usually be recommended for large cavities or damaged/broken teeth in order to increase their structural integrity. At Fountainhead Dentistry we work closely with a trusted lab to create your custom dental crown and ensure it fits perfectly and looks completely natural.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy can be a difficult procedure to undergo, but it is often the most effective way of treating an infected tooth. This treatment involves drilling into your diseased teeth and removing any bacteria or damaged pulp before filling the inside with inert material which will promote healing. After this process has been completed, your remaining teeth are covered up by either a new crown or amalgam fillings that have antimicrobial properties to prevent future infections from occurring again!

Are Dentures right for me?

Partial dentures are a form of false teeth that fit in the spaces left by your missing teeth. They’re held on with a metal or porcelain framework and clasp to the healthy teeth. If the majority of your teeth are in poor condition, you may require full dentures, which would replace all of your remaining natural teeth.

How does Professional Teeth Whitening work?

We know that sometimes it can be hard to keep your teeth white. Eating too many sweets, coffee drinks and more are all culprits in the color of our pearly whites! But you don’t have to worry about not being able to smile big – Fountainhead Dentistry has got your back with their professional-grade whitening agents (peroxides). These compounds react strongly against stains from foods or beverages and destroy those bonds which hold them onto enamel for long periods of time; meaning we’ll get rid of any discoloration so they’re nice as new again! So whether you want something done right away at the office or wait until later at home – there’s an option available just for you here.

How can Dental Bonding improve my smile?

Dental bonding is a quick cosmetic procedure to reshape your teeth, as well as often improving the color. The putty-like bonding resin can be sculpted into the perfect shape, smoothed down for perfection, hardened by ultraviolet light. Teeth that are stained, misshapen, or gapped will finally look natural again thanks to dental bonding! Enameloplasty (also called shaping and contouring) is often used alongside dental bonding. This treatment consists of gently removing a thin layer of enamel from your teeth to treat imperfections like pointed, uneven, or slightly chipped teeth. The process is painless and provides you with an appealing smile!

Are Veneers right for me?

Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped dental restorations made of porcelain and designed to cover up the front chewing surfaces. They can hide a wide variety of cosmetic flaws including stained teeth or crooked teeth. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for people looking to improve their smile without extensive treatment options, as they have a long lifespan with variable results depending on your needs.

What should I do if I or my child has accidentally knocked out a permanent tooth?

  • If you are a patient, call Fountainhead Dentistry RIGHT AWAY to let us know 
  • Very quickly rinse off your tooth with cool water. Avoid touching the root. 
  • Ideally, immediately place the tooth back into its socket
  • If this is not possible, place it in a small container of cold milk to keep it moist. This keeps your teeth alive until we can reimplant them into the gums. You can also keep the tooth in your mouth between your teeth and your cheeks (this is not a suitable option for small children). Do not store it in water!
  • It’s always better to seek treatment as soon as possible when you experience a dental emergency. The sooner an emergency dentist can fix the problem, such as replacing and stabilizing your teeth, the more likely it is we will be able to save them for a lifetime of healthy chewing.

What is a Dental Emergency?

The dentist says there are a number of dental issues that can quickly become emergencies:
  • Any severe tooth pain, such as a bad toothache, or especially one that has been damaged by an injury should be treated immediately.
  • Toothaches are one of the most common reasons for an emergency visit to a dentist’s office. The pain can be caused by many things, such as infection and tooth fractures which should all be addressed immediately before they worsen.
  • Some people can knock out their teeth, and it can be a very difficult injury to treat. If you seek care from a dentist within 2 hours of losing your tooth, they will typically try to replace it for you. If it has been longer than 2 hours the chances of success of reimplantation are slim, and infection could form in that space where the tooth was lost.
  • You might think that a dental emergency is just about teeth, but it can be so much more than what you see. Pulled-out or loosened dentures are considered an emergency since they may cause further complications like oral infections.
  • If you’re feeling pain in your teeth, a visit to the dentist is an absolute must. If we can’t help with what’s bothering you today, come back tomorrow for same-day service!
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